A big toy for Asha Heart

A big toy for Asha Heart

A big toy for Asha Heart - 40somethingmag

Today, beautiful Asha Heart is back to show off her sexy, 42-year-old body and fuck her pussy with a big toy. Asha, who’s from Poland, is sensual, breathy, a woman who obviously gets off on getting herself off.

“I don’t normally wear underwear,” she said, “but if I do, I prefer something feminine, lacy and sexy. I like to dress stylishly elegant. I want to feel good about myself and present the joy inside of me.”

Asha enjoys long walks, fine dining, dancing and going to the theater or a concert.

She isn’t a mom, but she said, “As a counselor and sex coach, I help change many lives and have an influence on many.”

She definitely has an influence on us.

“I have so many friends…some would be surprised to see me here but most wouldn’t as I host sex parties and often talk about sex. I’ve been in large gang bangs and squirting shows with 30 people watching.”

A lot more than that are watching her today.

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