Alone with Mariah

Alone with Mariah

Alone with Mariah - 40somethingmag

“Dressing sexy and looking sexy makes me feel sexy,” said Mariah James, a divorcee and mom from New Jersey. Mariah has floppy tits and looks so sexy in the naughty lingerie she’s wearing today. She’s horny, but there’s no man around, so she takes out her favorite toy and vibes her pussy.

“People who know me would definitely be surprised to see me here,” said Mariah, whose only two fuck scenes have been with us. “They definitely wouldn’t expect this.”

Mariah is not a swinger. She’s not a nudist. She’s never danced naked in a strip club. She’s a mom-next-door who decided to do something that most moms-next-door don’t do. That’s the case with most of our MILFs. You’re not going to find a lot of professional pussy at We’ve always thought of this site as a mature version of Naughty Neighbors, our amateur website.

“A good day for me is waking up healthy, eating healthy, working out and being productive,” Mariah said.

How she dresses when she’s going out: “I normally wear fitted dresses with heels.”

How a man attracts her attention: “It’s how he’s dressed, his smile and his sense of humor.”

Her sexual fantasy: “Sex with two men.”

What gets her off: “Being fucked doggie style and being given good oral.”

She’s never been with another woman. She’s never had anal sex. Like we said, she’s the MILF-next-door, and we’re happy to have her.

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