Amanda busts her good girl image

Amanda busts her good girl image

Amanda busts her good girl image - 40somethingmag

“My people would be totally blown away if they saw me here and my good girl image would be seriously compromised,” said Amanda Remington, a brand-new MILF from Miami who’s showing her stuff and, later this week, fucking on-camera for the first time.

Amanda is 48 years old. She’s a brickhouse blonde with big tits and a big, beautiful ass. The woman can take a pounding, and she’s going to get one. But first, we get to find out all about Amanda in a brief interview, then she shows us her body. Including, of course, her very pink pussy.

Amanda has done a lot of interesting things. She’s been a dental assistant. She’s worked at amusement parks. She’s been in yacht building and catering. She’s done some fetish modeling (although nothing like this). We asked her how she found us, and she said, “A close friend highly recommend you.”

Thank you, close friend.

Amanda’s hobbies: watching college football, working out, cooking, rollerblading, going to the beach and doing pilates. Swinging, too.

Panties? “I prefer crotchless panties most of the time.” Easy access, you know.

We also asked her if she’d ever had sex with a much younger man, and she said, “Yes. A kid I babysat for grew up and we reconnected when he was 22.”

Didn’t she say “good girl image”? So much for that.

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