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Anal on demand

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Dallas Matthews, who is 56 years old, likes big cocks in her ass. How do we know? Well, in this video, while Tony is fucking her ass, she says, “I like big cocks in my ass.”

Dallas is in charge in this scene. She tells Tony, “I’m gonna tell you how I want you to fuck me. Take off your shirt.” What’s great about this scene is that Dallas tells Tony she wants him to fuck her ass. A 20-year-old would never say, “Fuck my ass.” But a 50Plus MILF will.

Dallas is from Washington (we know, it’s a little confusing). One day, she and her boyfriend were playing with 60Plus MILF Madison Milstar and her husband when Madison said, “Have you ever thought about doing porn?” And here’s Dallas in her second video. She’s a good one. Tall, blonde and beautiful.

Dallas has an unusual hobby: She owns quarterhorses, and she rides them in her free time. She used to ride competitively. She also enjoys skiing, gardening and water sports.

What kind of water sports, Dallas?

We’re going to have to ask her that next time we see her.

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