Annellise makes a cuckold

Annellise Croft, a 50-year-old MILF from England who has become very popular at SCORELAND because of her DDD-tits, makes her debut by fucking a guy right in front of her husband. Yes, Annellise is making a cuckold out of hubby, and if he doesn’t like seeing his wife sucking and fucking a strange cock, tough shit! Ya wanna keep a piece of ass like Annellise for your wife, you’re gonna have to make some concessions here and there. members, do you like cuckold scenes?

Should the husband be humiliated in these scenes or should he be encouraging his wife to fuck strange cock?

How far should we go? Do you want to see the husband licking the stud’s cum off his wife’s body (that doesn’t happen in this scene) or maybe doing a snowball?

“Hi, honey,” Annellise says to her man. “Look what I brought home! His name is Juan, and guess what? I’m going to suck his dick and fuck him right in front of you, and you’re gonna have to stand there and watch.”

Isn’t Annellise’s hubby gonna get any? Of course not. That’s what being a cuckold is all about. So he sits there while Juan slides his cock between Annellise’s jugs and makes her long, rock-hard nipples even longer and harder, and he watches Annellise wrap her mouth around Juan’s long, thick cock and wonders, “How come she never sucked my cock like that?” Between sucks, Annellise mocks him by saying, “Maybe you’ll learn how a real man fucks me. Oh, his cock is so good! How come your cock is never like this!”

Basically, Annellise is telling her man that he’s lucky he gets to fuck her at all. And to tell you the truth, we kind of agree with her.

Annellise makes a cuckold - 50plusmilfs

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