Bold, big-titted Nikki fucks her big-dicked step-son

Bold, big-titted Nikki fucks her big-dicked step-son

Bold, big-titted Nikki fucks her big-dicked step-son - uncategorized

Nikki Brava, who’s 51 years old, is doing some straightening up around the house. Her step-son is sitting on the couch and trying to do something on his phone, but he’s extremely distracted. You see, Step-Mom is wearing a low-cut top that shows off her big tits and a very short skirt with no panties, and she keeps bending over. He keeps seeing what his dad has been getting

“What do you think you’re doing?” Nikki asks when she notices what he’s looking at.

“I was on my phone,” he stammers.

“I think you were looking at me,” she says.

“Maybe,” he says. “How could I not? You’re not wearing any panties.”

Obviously, Nikki wants him and he wants her, so this is a perfect match…other than the fact they’re step-mom and step-son, of course.

“I normally go without panties,” Nikki said, “but when I do wear them, they’re sexy G-strings that match my outfit or bra. I love the feel of a short skirt or dress and no panties. I hate panty lines.”

Did we mention that Nikki has kids in real life? And she’s married?

We asked her if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, and she said, “Most definitely! Some of the men won’t be surprised, but anyone else would be shocked.”

She means the men, other than her hubby, who fuck her. You see, she’s a swinger.

“I have been for close to six years,” she said. “Any time I think I’m part of the wildest scene, the next time out has potential for an even wilder time! I loved being spit-roasted with a full club watching.”

Spit-roasted…one guy in her mouth, one guy in her pussy…or her ass. Yep, there, too. Coming soon.

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