Brandi takes a pounding

Brandi takes a pounding

Brandi takes a pounding - 50plusmilfs

First, we get to know 50-year-old wife, mom and grandmother Brandi Jaimes, She’s wearing a dress that barely covers her tits and what she calls “decorative” panties that barely cover her pussy (although they do decorate it).

Brandi tells us she used to be a stripper. She demonstrates her hands-free lapdancing technique on JMac. She tells us she was a nurse before she got into stripping. Nursing was too depressing. Brandi finds stripping and fucking on-camera much more uplifting.

Brandi says she’s a good wife.

“And I’m great in bed. I love having sex.”

What makes her so great?

“I just enjoy the journey.”

You’ll enjoy the journey, too. Brandi gives JMac a loud, sloppy blow job. She works over his balls. JMac places Brandi on her back and fucks her mouth like it’s a pussy, and the saliva keeps pouring out.

Finally, he fucks her pussy hard in a lot of positions, and in-between positions, Brandi sucks his cock some more. This woman really loves giving head. After a final sucking, Brandi gets her face glazed with cum.

She did say she was great in bed. The woman does not lie.

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