Brandy fucks her best friend’s son

Brandy fucks her best friend’s son

Brandy fucks her best friend's son - 40somethingmag

This scene opens with 42-year-old Brandy Peters walking into a house, looking for her best friend. But her best friend’s son is sitting on the couch, playing with his cock. Now that was unexpected!

“What are you doing young man?” she asks him.

“Nothing,” he says, although he’s clearly doing something, and she clearly knows what he’s doing.

“Where’s your mom?” she asks.

“I haven’t seen her,” he says.

“Want me to play with that for you?” she asks.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” he says. “We might get caught.”

But she’s already stroking his dick, so, really, it’s too late. In situations like these, Little Head always trumps Big Head.

Most of this scene is shot P.O.V., so you’ll feel like Brandy is sucking your cock and balls and sitting on your dick. And it might as well be you cumming all over her face because that’s what you’d do if you had the chance, right?

Brandy is a newbie from California. She’s divorced. She’s a mom. She’s a swinger. She told us, “I don’t consider myself a nudist. I just like to be naked.” She likes wearing form-fitting clothes, such as what she’s wearing here. Well, what she’s wearing at the beginning of the scene; before long, she’s wearing absolutely nothing.

We asked Brandy if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, doing this, and she said. “I think they would be very surprised. Not judgmental. They’d probably ask a lot of questions.”

Brandy used to play softball. She enjoys watching football. The San Francisco 49ers are her team. Her perfect day: “Sleep until I wake up, work out, take a shower, go to the beach and watch the ocean. Then take the scenic route home with loud music.”

Maybe drop by to see her best friend. Maybe find out that she’s not home. Maybe find her best friend’s son on the couch, jerking off. Maybe see where that takes her day.

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