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Casual anal

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So a guy is standing on his balcony on a sunny day, smoking a cigarette, when he spots a hot blonde one balcony over. She has long hair and is wearing a midriff-baring top, and when she sees him, she motions him to come over to her place. He’s there!

But what does she have in mind? Coffee? Polite conversation? Maybe she needs him to change a light bulb? Nah, that only happens in porn films. Rebecca Jane, who’s 46 and almost old enough to be this guy’s mother, needs her TV fixed. Sure she does. She also wants to sit on his face, suck his cock and get her pussy and ass fucked. That’s much more realistic!

“All the cock I get keeps me looking young,” said Rebecca Jane, who looks like she could be in her 30s. “All the protein!”

In this scene, the protein doesn’t go all over her face. The lucky dude shoots his load all over her pussy and stomach after drilling her butthole every which way.

Although Rebecca Jane is from London, England, this scene was shot in Prague, Czech Republic, a place she’d never been to. The Czech Republic is a very sexually liberal country, and Rebecca Jane is a sexually liberated woman.

“Everybody here is very friendly,” she said. “I’ve had lots of fun.”

“I like Europe a lot,” Rebecca Jane said. “I love England. I love driving around England. It’s quite a beautiful place. Scotland is lovely, too. Edinburgh is great. Ireland is great. But also I love hot countries where you can just lay naked.”

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