Constance fucks her daughter’s boyfriend

Constance fucks her daughter’s boyfriend

Constance fucks her daughter's boyfriend - uncategorized

It’s morning, and 55-year-old Constance Joy‘s daughter has gone to work. But the daughter’s boyfriend is still in the house, taking a shower, so Constance heads to the bathroom to see what’s going on. She peeps on him for a few seconds and pulls aside the shower curtain. Man, is he ever surprised when he sees his girlfriend’s mom standing there!

“Mrs. Joy!” he says while stroking his naked cock.

“How are you?” she asks.

“What are you doing? I was just taking a shower before work.”

“Come here,” she says, sitting on the edge of the tub and taking his cock into her mouth. “Nice and clean.”

“What about your daughter?”

“What about my daughter?” she says, then she keeps on sucking. She likes what her daughter’s been getting. “Look at this cock!”

And look at that MILF sucking her a 23-year-old’s cock! Constance takes him to the bedroom, where she sucks some more before he fucks her hard, tits jiggling.

50Plus MILFs: Would your friends and family be surprised to see you here?

Constance: Probably some, but my true friends and family would be happy for me. Surprised and happy. Some would probably be shocked. I was a strong Christian for a number of years, so people from my church years would be more shocked.

50Plus MILFs: Would the you of 20 years ago be shocked to see you here now?

Constance: She’d be saying, “Go girl!”

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