From Augusta, Georgia, here’s Jazmine Cruz

From Augusta, Georgia, here’s Jazmine Cruz

From Augusta, Georgia, here's Jazmine Cruz - 40somethingmag

“I was sheltered growing up and the sweet girl-next-door type, and now I’m a wild MILF,” said Jazmine Cruz, a 43-year-old wife and mom who’s making her debut by showing off her tight, sexy body, big tits and getting off for her pleasure and ours.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Jazmine now lives in Augusta, Georgia, which you probably know as the home of that famous golf tournament. We’re sure the rich, stuck-up folks in Augusta wouldn’t approve of what Mrs. Cruz is doing here, but, hey, you can’t name your tournament The Masters and not accept a fair share of masturbators. You know, we should have had Jazmine fucking on top of a green jacket.

Jazmine enjoys drawing cartoons, dancing, playing her guitar and working out. She says when she goes out in public, she wears no bra, a sexy, elegant dress and sandals. She has been a certified personal trainer and a model and has been a traveling exotic dancer for seven years.

Sexual fantasy: “Me as the sexy, hot maid or housewife or naughty nurse pleasuring her master.”

How often she has sex: “Every day.”

“I enjoy voyeurism,” Jazmine said. “I get turned on and really wet in my panties just thinking about it.”

We’re glad it floats her boat. She floats ours.

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