Honey is sweet and sexy

“Part of the reason I started doing porn is because I like to be watched,” said 41-year-old wife and mom Honey White, who’s back to show off her sexy body. “It brings out the wild side in me to know that there are people watching me and getting horny. Even though they’re not touching, I want them to enjoy it.”

You should take that invitation. And make sure you notice how hard Honey’s nipples and clit are in these photos. She’s obviously aroused.

Back in 2007, Honey shot a couple of amateur sets for Naughty Neighbors and then went back to her regular life. But there’s something about getting naked on-camera that makes women want to come back for more. The thrill is addicting.

Honey didn’t fuck for us then, but she did this time around. Actually, she’s fucking a lot these days back home in Las Vegas.

“One of my kinkiest sexual encounters was on a party bus going down the strip,” she said.

She should’ve filmed it.

Honey is sweet and sexy - 40somethingmag

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