Hot Russian wife fucks her neighbor P.O.V.

Hot Russian wife fucks her neighbor P.O.V.

Hot Russian wife fucks her neighbor P.O.V. - 40somethingmag

“Holy shit! I can’t believe how hot my new neighbor is,” Tony says when he sees 48-year-old Victoria Lobov sunbathing by her pool, wearing a tiny bikini that shows off her big tits, slim waist and long legs. “Her husband is so lucky. Look at the tits on that woman!”

Not knowing she’s being watched, Victoria licks her nips and takes off her panties. She’s stunned when she sees her neighbor standing there. What’s she going to do next? Cover up? Call him a dirty pervert? Call the police?

None of the above.

“I did mean to welcome you into the neighborhood,” she coos in her sex-doll voice. “And my husband won’t be back for an hour. Why don’t you come over here?”

She doesn’t have to ask twice. By this point, her legs are spread and her pussy is on full display. He plays with her big, round, fake tits and she sucks his cock. Looks like this good neighbor thing is working out very well.

We asked Victoria, who lives in Texas, how she usually dresses, and she said, “High heels, hot pants and a tight top with big cleavage. Anything more will be too warm.”

Yeah, and every guy around her is sweating bullets.

Victoria likes when men cum on her tits because, “it makes my skin so smooth and silky.” Okay. If she believes that, we’re not going to tell her otherwise.

“I love any cock size, big or small. As long as it squirts.”

This one does.

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