Introducing Lisa Pinelli

Introducing Lisa Pinelli

Introducing Lisa Pinelli - 40somethingmag

With the somewhat unlikely name Lisa Pinelli, this new 46-year-old mom makes her debut by showing off her nice, pendulous tits and fucking her pussy with a big toy. Lisa is from Budapest, Hungary. She’s a swinger whose first experience was in a club in Las Vegas in 1988.

“My wildest experience was when I laid on a massage bed and four people were touching me everywhere,” she said.

Lisa will be touched everywhere by a guy later this week, and she’ll touch him back, so stay tuned.

Lisa frequently masturbates with a wand massager and “fantasizes about bondage and helplessness. Forced ejaculation.” She has a foot fetish. She also fantasizes about being handcuffed and “completely taken by men.”

Hobbies: Pilates, hiking in nature, swimming, listening to music, spending time with her family, traveling to other countries and sightseeing.

Panties? “Yes, I wear comfortable ones during the day and lacy thong ones for sexy times.”

She’s a beauty, makeup and massage therapist.

Happy ending, anyone?

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