Jadan Snow cheats on her husband

Jadan Snow cheats on her husband

Jadan Snow cheats on her husband - 40somethingmag

No sooner is Jadan Snow‘s husband out the door than she picks up her phone and calls her fuck buddy.

“Hey, he left,” she says. “Come over. I’m so fucking horny.”

Damn fool husband, leaving a hot piece of ass like Jadan, dressed in tight jeans and a midriff-revealing top, high and dry. Milan is barely in the house when she reaches down and grabs his crotch. Jadan knows what she wants, and it’s not conversation. It’s not romance, either. She pulls him to the couch, takes out his cock and sucks it.

“I’ve been craving it for so long,” she says before eagerly downing his boner.

This is a super-hot scene that should help Jadan in her attempt to become, as she said, “an internationally recognized porn star.” She sloppily sucks his cock then lies back so he can eat her pussy. Then she gets fucked every which way, opens her mouth for his load and eats his cum. By the way, Milan is 26 (Jadan is 42), so while he’s not quite young enough to be Jadan’s son (she’s a wife and a mom), he’s plenty young.

Said Jadan, “I like to be watched while having sex. That’s my fetish.”

Great! While you’re getting off on watching Jadan, she’s getting off on being watched.

Now, here’s the ironic part of this scene: When we asked Jadan what sexually satisfies her best, she said, “Sex with my husband.” But then again, she was once in a 20-person orgy.

Sounds complicated? It really isn’t. The woman just loves to fuck.

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