Kailani’s idea of housework

Kailani’s idea of housework

Kailani's idea of housework - 40somethingmag

Kailani Kai, a 46-year-old divorcee and mom from Hawaii, is doing the dishes when this video opens. Apparently, they’re the dishes you left in the sink last night. Naughty boy!

“Stop looking at my ass and do something,” she says.

Okay, Kailani. We’ll take out our cocks and jack off, but we’re not going to stop looking at your ass.

“I don’t mind,” she says as she unbuttons her top a bit. “One day you’ll start doing something for yourself.”

We are. We’re jacking off!

“I’m so wet,” she says. She doesn’t mean from washing dishes.

So she takes off her top. She’s not wearing a bra. Her tits are big and natural. Her areolae are dark. She uses the sponge to make them wetter and rubs her nipples.

“I’m just thinking about your hard cock,” she says.

After she plays with her tits for a while, she drops her jeans. Kailani has a big, round ass, the kind you could slap and bang from behind for days. She goes to the laundry room and says, “I bet your dick is hard right now, isn’t it?”

She’s right! How does she know?

She jiggles her ass. It jiggles nicely. If you like women with big asses, Kailani is definitely for you. This mom is a brickhouse!

Kailani used to be a flight attendant. She enjoys camping. She enjoys having her butt spanked. Why doesn’t that surprise us. She’s looking forward to fucking on-camera.

That happens tomorrow.

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