Kenzi Foxx: countdown to cum

Kenzi Foxx: countdown to cum

Kenzi Foxx: countdown to cum - uncategorized

Kenzi Foxx is back for more. More for her and more for you. Today, this 50-year-old wife and mom shows off her big, fake tits and pierced nipples (“Do you like my piercings?” she asks), sweet ass and pink, gaping pussy with one of the biggest clits in She gets two fingers deep inside her cunt, and it’s very wet. Then she gets on all fours so she can show you her asshole, too. Back on her back, she gives you the countdown to cum… “Ten, nine…stroke harder, baby!…eight, seven, six, five…are you getting closer?…four, three, two…get there, get there…one…I’m gonna cum!”

You will, too.

Thursday, Kenzi is a schoolgirl. “A schoolgirl?” you might ask. “She’s 50!” Okay, she’s an escort in a porno schoolgirl outfit who convinces a john that older women are better than young girls at sucking dick and fucking. But you already knew that.

“I hear quite often how good my pussy feels,” Kenzi said.

How to get on her good side? “Keep me warm, fed and fucked. I hate being cold. I’m always hungry and horny.”

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