Lexi Lix gets her ass ready

Lexi Lix gets her ass ready

Lexi Lix gets her ass ready - uncategorized

“I’m so hot right now,” 52-year-old Lexi Lix says, and she’s not talking about the weather. “I have this young cock coming over here, but before he gets here, I have some toys to play with.”

SPOILER ALERT! “We’re gonna do a little butt play today,” Lexi says. “I’m gonna let him fuck me in the ass.”

Lucky guy. Lucky us because we get to watch Lexi getting her ass ready for the ass-fucking she’s so anticipating. If you saw Lexi’s debut scenes for 50PlusMILFs.com, you know she’s a very horny woman. Well, she’s even hornier than you thought.

SPOILER ALERT! The scene ends with a toy in Lexi’s ass, a finger in her ass and her man ready for action.

Now, this might sound like a stupid question, but we asked Lexi if she’s into anal and she said, “Yes, definitely. I love anal.” Hey, we just wanted to hear her say it.

Most-fun job she’s ever had: college computer tech. Did she let those college boys fuck her ass?

She’s from Kansas. She’s divorced. She’s a mother and grandmother.

Hobbies: writing poems and songs and painting.

Lexi said, “I usually wait for the guy to initiate sex. I’m not always sure if it’s a turn-on or not for some guys. Plus, I don’t assume every guy I find attractive feels the same way about me.”

Tall, redheaded, thin, sexy, horny…what’s not to like?

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