Mariah’s first time…on-camera, that is

Mariah’s first time…on-camera, that is

Mariah's first time...on-camera, that is - 40somethingmag

When we asked 47-year-old Mariah James if she’s ever had sex with a younger man, she said, “Yes. He was inexperienced and I had to teach him.”

Well, in her first hardcore scene, Mariah is with a much-younger guy, but he’s not experienced. He’s a porn stud who has a big cock, and that cock looks especially big when Mariah is sucking it hands-free and looking right into the camera, and it dominates her pretty face when it’s sticking right up while she’s sucking his balls. In this scene, the inexperienced one is Mariah, but only when it comes to on-camera sex. Off-camera…well, she’s 47, as we said, and she’s a MILF. That pretty much says it all.

“I have sex pretty much every day,” she said.

We also asked Mariah what she considers sexy, and she said, “Dressing sexy and looking and feeling sexy.” Mariah dresses sexy and looks sexy in this scene. She told us she felt sexy having sex on-camera.

Congratulations on breaking your hardcore cherry, Mariah, and thank you for doing it with us!

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