Meet Rose Mastos, hot wire

Meet Rose Mastos, hot wire

Meet Rose Mastos, hot wire - 40somethingmag

Born in Portland, Oregon and now living in Colorado, 44-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Rose Mastos makes her worldwide professional modeling debut by fucking herself with a toy poolside in Southern California. Yes, this brown-haired beauty is a grandma, even though she doesn’t look like one. She’s also a swinger, but more on that later.

This is Mrs. Mastos’s week at solo photos today, solo video tomorrow, first fuck photos on Wednesday, first fuck video on Thursday. That won’t be Rose’s first time fucking on-camera, but it’s certainly her first time doing it for a huge audience.

“I’ve done a couple of POVs with my husband but nothing major,” she said. “Nothing where they do my hair and makeup.”

Rose enjoys watching HGTV (that’s the home and design channel). Her favorite movie is The Princess Bride. Her favorite actor is Julia Roberts. She enjoys riding her bike and watching basketball. Her favorite team is the Golden State Warriors. She enjoys hanging out with her family and going to the local swingers club.

Ah, yes, the swingers club! Rose and her hubby have been swinging for less than a year.

“We booked a nude cruise and found out it was a swingers cruise, so we figured we’d try it out,” she said. “My husband said he could cancel it, but I said, ‘No, let’s try it and see.’ So we tried it out and liked it and totally dived into it and have had more experiences than some people have in years.”

Here, Rose is doing more on-camera than most women do in their entire lives. She’s enjoying herself. You’ll enjoy her, too.

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