Micky vs. The Fuck Machine

Micky vs. The Fuck Machine

Micky vs. The Fuck Machine - 40somethingmag

Micky Lynn, a 45-year-old wife and mom from Florida, knows a thing or two about sex. She was a porn star in the 1990s who retired and recently made a comeback. During her retirement, she was swinging, stripping and doing web cam shows. She’s taken her lifetime of experience and brought it to our studio, where she’s shot a few excellent, jack-worthy scenes, fucking on-camera for the first time in a long time.

Here, we see Micky with a sex machine to take care of her needs. The machine has a huge dildo attached to it, and it really fucks Micky’s well-used pussy. Micky is a sex machine herself, and she loves hooking up with men and especially women.

“The best sex I ever had was an all-girl orgy,” she said. “There must’ve been maybe 20 of us. And it was hot. I love women and men. I love both genders. With men it can be rough and sexy and with women I like it sensual and romantic.”

Micky was made to do porn, and it’s amazing that she stayed away for as long as she did. But one can only deny their true calling for so long.

“Honestly, I missed being in front of the camera. Knowing that you have fans who look forward to seeing you is half the fun of shooting porn. I love to please them. The other half of it is getting to fuck all these hot guys with big cocks. I’m back for good now!”

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