Ms. Fox fucks Mr. Fix-It

Ms. Fox fucks Mr. Fix-It

Ms. Fox fucks Mr. Fix-It - 40somethingmag

“I was stripping in Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas,” hot, big-titted mom Shay Fox said when we asked her how she got into porn. “I was sitting in the club with my girlfriend, and over a Baccardi and Diet Coke, I said, ‘I don’t think I want to dance anymore. I think I want to try porn.’ And she sent out my pictures, and within 15 minutes, I had my first two scenes.”

No surprise there. Shay is a sexy woman with DDD-cup tits and a curvy body. She also has sensational blow job skills, which she demonstrates in this scene. She fucks the repairman. How come repairmen get all the good pussy?

Shay was a hairdresser when she was married. She has a daughter. She’s a fitness competitor who works out five days a week, lifts weights and rides bikes.

“I started doing porn when I was 40, so I was in my sexual prime,” Shay said. “Uninhibited. Still exploring, but I knew my body very well. I was single. I had no one to answer to. I’m not embarrassed. Sex is a very natural thing, and people put too much emphasis on the bad of sex, and it’s not bad. I love it. I knew when I started doing porn that I had an expiration date. Mentally. Physically, I could do it for another five, 10 years. Even when I’m not shooting, I have sex three times a week. I don’t date much, but I definitely have friends with benefits.”

Carlos gets to sample those benefits in this video, which we’re featuring on for the first time. Enjoy.

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