Nancy is not your average mom

“With me, sex can happen just about anywhere, at any time, with almost anyone,” said Nancy Jay, a 43-year-old wife and mother of five from Florida.

It’s happened at several times. She even got ass-fucked. Here, we have Nancy all to ourselves, and we get unobstructed views of this blond MILF’s tits, pussy and ass.

Even though you’ve never met Nancy Jay, you could argue that you know her better than some of the people in her life. The people who don’t know that she’s a swinger and don’t know what her tits or pussy look like. Or her PTA friends who have no idea that she’s sucked and fucked in our studio. You’re privy to some of her most-personal details. You should feel special.

Nancy enjoys having sex and margaritas on the beach. She masturbates and fucks daily and is satisfied best by thick cocks. She likes to have her husband watch her fuck.

“He’s watched me have sex more than a 100 times,” she said.

Nancy has a thing for younger men and service men.

“I’ve had sex with a few guys who went to school with my sons. I’ve also had sex with an IT guy who fixed my computer and the guy at the cellphone screen repair shop. I like to barter sex for favors. And I also just like to have sex. My husband fully supports me fucking whomever I want, whenever I want.”

Hats off to the man. Jack off to Nancy.

Nancy is not your average mom - 40somethingmag

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