Naughty neighbor

Naughty neighbor

Naughty neighbor - 50plusmilfs

“I love to put on sexy outfits for my husband when we go out,” 50-year-old trophy wife and mom Dani Dare said. “I will tease a few people we see, do a little grinding on the dance floor and then come back and lay a big, wet kiss on him to let everyone know who I’m with. I plan sexy surprises for him. I plan our crazy vacations. I love to add some role play to sexy situations. I’m the dream wife!”

She’s the dream neighbor, too, as she proves here. This big-titted blonde, wearing a short, tight dress that shows off her long legs, has invited her “neighbor” over. She’s caught him looking at her, and now she wants to show him more. So she gets him off by stripping naked, urging him to jack off and playing with her tight, shaved pussy.

Dani is from Canada and lives in Tampa, Florida. She’s married. We asked her if she’s watched her scenes at and

“At first I only watched the clips and trailers that were online, but I eventually ordered the DVDs I was in so my husband and I could see all the scenes. Then some friends asked to see them, so we showed them to them, too. I’ve had people ask me to put them on all the time. It’s kinda funny but a bit of a compliment at the same time.”

Dani’s married but that doesn’t mean she can’t get a little something on the side. Or a big something. So if she’s at a party and finds a guy who’s to her liking, she’ll “walk over and tell him that my husband gave me a hall pass and my van outside has a bed in it if he is interested. Meanwhile, my husband sneaks back to the van and waits underneath to see if I got lucky!”

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