Naughty student, naughtier teacher

In this scene, Tracy Licks is the 51-year-old teacher, and Rocky is her 25-year-old student. This must be a tutoring session because they’re obviously not in a classroom, and Ms. Licks is not dressed for a professional situation. As she leans over him and looks at his work, her tits are pouring out of her top.

“You seem very distracted, Rocky,” Ms. Licks says.

“I cannot study like this,” he replies.

“How would you like to study?” Ms. Licks asks.

“It’s so difficult,” he says as he stares at her tits then gives them a kiss.

“You’re a very naughty student.”

And she’s a very naughty teacher. Before long, she’s sucking Rocky’s cock, and then he’s fucking her shaved pussy.

“Oh, Rocky!” Ms. Licks says. “Your cock feels so good in my pussy!”

Looks like somebody taught Rocky well.

Just to refresh your memory. Tracy is a mother of three from Tampa, Florida (born in Pennsylvania) who has been doing webcamming for 14 years. She says most people who know her wouldn’t be surprised to see her here because she’s a swinger.

“Their big surprise would come when they see how hot I look for my age,” Traci said.

And maybe when they see her sucking a 25-year-old’s cock. Maybe.

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