Nina is 43. Her son’s best friend is 23.

Nina is 43. Her son’s best friend is 23.

Nina is 43. Her son's best friend is 23. - 40somethingmag

Nade is staying at his best friend’s house. It’s night, everyone has gone to sleep, but he’s restless, so he takes out his phone and decides to watch some porn. And what he sees shocks the daylights out of him: It’s his best friend’s mom, Nina Lakes, with her tits and pussy out for all the world to see at

“Whoa! Is that Mrs. Lakes?” he says. “Wow! I never knew Johnny’s mom was so hot.”

So he jacks off to Mrs. Lakes, not knowing that she’s standing behind him, tits out, watching him jerk his cock. Before long, Nina has her son’s best friend’s cock in her mouth and then she’s riding it hard.

Nina is 43 years old. She’s divorced. Nade is 23.

What kind of guys Nina likes: “I like all men.”

Her perfect day: “Just relaxing and being pampered.”

She used to be a stripper. “I have an indecent past,” she said. Sounds very decent to us.

She’s had sex with twin brothers. She also had sex with a 24-year-old virgin.

“It was horrible,” she said. “He couldn’t cum.”

That is not a problem here.

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