Nurse Kenzi fucks her patient

Nurse Kenzi fucks her patient

Nurse Kenzi fucks her patient - uncategorized

Milan is sick in bed. He needs a nurse. Fortunately for him, when he wakes up, he sees Nurse Kenzi Foxx standing next to his bed. He can’t believe his eyes. Is she a real nurse or a porno nurse? Is there a difference?

Well, yeah. A real nurse would be wearing a boring white uniform. Porno Nurse Kenzi is dressed in a little outfit that conceals almost nothing. Her nipples are barely covered and she’s wearing white stockings. And a real nurse probably wouldn’t reach under the covers and stroke her patient’s cock. And suck it. And fuck it.

So, to sum things up, Porno Nurse is a lot better than Real Nurse. And just in case you were wondering, Nurse Kenzi is 51 years old. Her patient is 27.

Kenzi is from Brooklyn, New York and lives in Orlando, Florida. She has DD-cup tits. She’s an aerobics instructor and a personal trainer. She told us, “I love to be watched. I go to clubs and meet guys there so people can watch me get fucked in the open play rooms. I love to have an audience and put on a show with multiples.”

Kenzi is a wife and mom, and here’s something that surprises us:

“The people that know me in my vanilla life would be very surprised to see me here,” she said. “I come off as innocent and naive to people I work with and acquaintances.”

That’s hard to believe because, to us, Kenzi comes across as so slutty, so cock-loving. Plus, she’s got that body with those big, fake tits and pierced nipples.

Maybe the people who think they know her really don’t know her.

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