Office anal

Lauren Taylor, 56, is the boss. Tony is her employee, and he’s been a very bad boy. You see, Tony has the hots for this MILF blonde (who can blame him?), and he set up a remote camera under her desk so he can watch upskirt videos of her on his smart phone.

But when Lauren discovers the camera, Tony is in big trouble. Or is he?

“Oh my god, that motherfucker,” Lauren says. “I know who did this.”

She calls Tony to her office and shows him what she found under her desk. He tries to deny it, but she’s onto his tricks.

“You little pervert,” Lauren says.

Yeah, that’s right. Tony is a little pervert, and Lauren is a horny divorcee and mom who wants to get some cock at work. So she sucks Tony’s dick and has him fuck her hairy pussy right there on the office couch, and then she has him fuck her tight asshole. And then she opens her mouth for his cum. It’s a big load.

You’re fired? No way.

Lauren loves anal sex. We had the following conversation with Lauren about anal:

So the guy should take his time?
LAUREN: Yeah, but it’s mutual. It’s a mutual feeling of good, so you don’t want it to be like a torpedo going in your ass. If I’m having a good time, he’ll have a good time.
And the guy has to ask before he sticks his cock in your ass?
LAUREN: Oh, no, I say, “Fuck me in the ass.” I make that determination. It’s not for him to decide.
Has any guy ever said no to anal sex with you?
LAUREN: Of course not. Why would they? They’re not allowed to say no.

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