Piper & the plumber

Piper & the plumber

Piper & the plumber - 40somethingmag

Yep, it’s the ol’ hot MILF fucks the handyman scenario. 43-year-old wife and mom Piper Press, wearing a top that shows a good amount of cleavage, a short skirt and heels, leads a guy into the kitchen. She needs a plumber. He’s not a plumber, he’s a handyman, but he tells her, “I guess I can take a look and see if I can figure it out.” Piper notices his bulging cock in his pants and decides to take it out. Before long, they’re fucking all over the house.

This scene was partly inspired by Piper’s response when we asked her about her kinkiest sexual experience.

“It was when I asked a younger man that was working at my house for help, and I just started talking about something I did the night before, a sexual experience,” she said. “I could see his pants bulge. I touched it and we got it on quietly in my bedroom. Other workers were still in my home.”

This all comes down to a simple fact: Piper is a hot, sexy woman who loves to fuck and needs cock. Actually, one more fact: If there’s cock in the vicinity, she’s not shy about going after it.

Basically, women like Piper are why handymen and plumbers get the good mature pussy.

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