Prelude to a three-way

Prelude to a three-way

Prelude to a three-way - 40somethingmag

Natasha Ola, a 44-year-old wife who’s originally from Moldova in the former Soviet Union and now lives in Florida, is here for her pre-fuck interview. This interview was conducted minutes before her three-way with 22-year-old Johnny and 25-year-old Oliver, and Natasha is dressed for sex in a short, tight dress that shows off her sexy, petite body. She’s only five-feet tall and weighs 102 pounds with a 22-inch waist, but she has D-cup tits.

Natasha is smiley, fun, playful. She has long, dark hair. She first modeled for 10 years ago, when she was 34, and fucked on-camera, too. She has nice legs.

“Short but nice,” she tells us.

Natasha is naughty but nice.

“I just like being sexy,” Natasha said. “I’m a bad girl. I can’t help myself. When I get hot, I am hot.”

Natasha is very hot, and in this interview, she’s clearly hot for cock. You see, while this interview was going on, Johnny and Oliver were sitting at a table a few feet away, passing the time before they would get their hands and cocks onto this hot lady. And Natasha kept looking over at them.

“Unbelievable!” she said, referring to the idea of having sex with guys so young.

One of the highlights of this interview is when Natasha, who’s an exotic dancer back home in St. Petersburg, Florida, demonstrates her lap-dancing skills on Oliver. Natasha wouldn’t tell us where she dances, but judging by her lapdancing skills, we wouldn’t say it’d be a waste of time if you’re in St. Petersburg and go from club to club looking for her. You will be rewarded.

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