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As promised, here’s Daisy Deseo, a pretty little MILF from Prague, sucking cock and getting her snatch pounded. As sensual fuck scenes go, they don’t get much better than this one. It’s like we’re flies on the wall as two real people (who, by the way, met each other about a minute before this scene was shot) have a lot of fun. Daisy is 43. Her stud is 28. Was she into him? Well, we’ll tell you what Daisy said after he came on her pussy: “I don’t think I’ve ever cum so many times in my life!”

Good for her. Good for him. Definitely good for us.

This hot brunette looks so fuckable in her tight, red sweater and skirt. She’s wearing a red bra with a matching garter, sexy stockings and red heels. There’s a lot of kissing before the action starts. She sucks his cock and he eats her pussy. He’s clearly enjoying her mature cunt and she’s clearly enjoying herself, having seemingly forgotten the camera is there. Although maybe it’s the presence of the camera and the fact she’s doing this in front of the camera that’s getting her off.

The guy eats her pussy lovingly, thoroughly (the European studs are much better at eating pussy then the American studs; don’t know why). Then, when Daisy’s pussy is good and ready, nice and wet, he pounds it in a variety of positions while she helps diddle her clit with her fingers.

Like we said, it’s like watching two real people having sex, which makes sense because Daisy and her guy are two real, genuine people. And when he can’t hold back any longer (we have no idea how these guys hold back as long as they do), he shoots his load all over her pussy. He’s exhausted. She’s exhausted. How about you?

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