Ring them bells!

Ring them bells!

Ring them bells! - 40somethingmag

Nina Bell, a divorcee and mom from Southern California, is ready for her first on-camera XXX video. She’s 48 years old. He’s 25.

“Young and hard,” Nina says when he shows up.

Men are always hard for Nina, especially when she’s wearing a dress that covers about 2% of her body. Especially when her big tits come out.

“Oh, you’re so fuckin’ wet,” the guy says when he reaches down to rub Nina’s pussy.

“And horny,” she says.

Kinda goes with wet, doesn’t it?

Before long, he’s fucking her mouth and tits, and then he’s fucking her shaved pussy and cumming all over her rack. Overall, we’d say this is a smashing XXX debut for Ms. Bell.

We asked Nina how she found us, and she said, “I was talking to another girl that I webcam with, and she told me about you. I love webcamming. It’s really sexy, and I’ve been having a lot of fun meeting a lot of people, so I decided to take the next step, and I heard about 40Something, so I figured, ‘Why not?'”

We asked Nina what guys request most when she’s webcamming.

“They want to see my tits. They will sometimes ask me where I’m from. How old I am. They ask if I’m a MILF.”

She is. She’s a mother of one.

“I love young guys,” she said. “I love talking to young guys. I love hanging out with young guys. I like all guys. I’ve done shows for a guy who was 90. He was still able to get it up!”

Well, like we said, getting men hard is Nina’s special talent. Doesn’t matter if they’re 18 or 99. There’s no resisting her.

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