Suzi Grande’s secret is out!

Suzi Grande’s secret is out!

Suzi Grande's secret is out! - 40somethingmag

When we asked Suzi Grande, a 42-year-old divorcee and mother of two, if she’s ever had sex with a younger man, she said, “That’s a secret.” We took that as a yes, but who knows? Well, it’s not a secret any longer because here, Suzi sucks and fucks a guy who’s a lot younger than her. He’s not quite young enough to be her son, but he’s close, and he adores Suzi’s hot body. She adores his cock.

Although Suzi looks like a fuck doll, she’s a woman-next-door in many ways. She enjoys spending time with her daughters and family. She likes to dance. A man can get her attention with a nice smile, although it helps if he has a brain, too. Her perfect evening is “just relaxing with friends, good champagne and food.” When she goes out during the day, she wears jeans, T-shirts and sneakers. But at night, it’s always a sexy dress and high heels.

And, yet, she says the people she knows wouldn’t be surprised to see her here, sucking and fucking a young cock for all the world to see. Maybe that’s because she’s a hairdresser, and they have to be the horniest women on earth, always brushing up against us with their tits, getting as close as people. We’d say that’s part of the job, but we’ve never had a male hairdresser brush up against us.

Suzi says she wants to have sex with a celebrity. She could probably have anyone she wants.

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