Taylor Leigh’s sex lesson

Taylor Leigh’s sex lesson

Taylor Leigh's sex lesson - 40somethingmag

Taylor Leigh is a classy lady. She enjoys throwing dinner parties with food and wine pairings. She’s worked as a flower arranger and a server at a prestigious country club. She’s also been an escort, and now she’s trying porn.

Today, this classy lady from St. Louis, Missouri, is going to teach you a lesson.

“I’m here to teach you the art of how to please a woman,” Taylor says at the start of the video. “I’m dressed sexy for you as if I’m a teacher.”

Sexiest teacher we’ve ever seen. Taylor has her long, blond hair in a bun. She’s wearing a business suit that looks stunning on her. And, as we find out a little later, she’s wearing a sexy bra.

Oh, and she brought a toy with her. You know how much teachers like props. It’s a purple toy, and she’s going to use it to pleasure her pussy, just as you would with your cock and tongue if you were with her and followed Taylor’s instructions.

Taylor calls herself a hot wife.

“It’s a wife that has quite a high libido and is able, with her husband’s agreement, to explore fantasies with him or on her own,” Taylor said. “That’s what we do, and it makes both of us very horny.”

By the way, this teaching thing isn’t something Taylor did only for this scene.

“My husband and I have been very active in the swinger lifestyle community for six years, and we are currently lifestyle mentors for curious newbies,” she said. “I enjoy being surrounded by other sexy couples who are laid-back and non-judgmental.

“You know what they say: You’re good at what you love!”

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