The boss is wearing crotchless panties!

The boss is wearing crotchless panties!

The boss is wearing crotchless panties! - 40somethingmag

Milan is going for a job interview at Amanda Remington‘s company and, poor guy, he’s having a hard time concentrating on the interview questions. That’s because Amanda, his potential boss, is wearing a tight top that hugs her big tits, a short skirt and crotchless panties. How does he know Ms. Remington is wearing crotchless panties? Well, she keeps crossing and uncrossing her legs. Maybe Amanda is testing how Milan works under stress.

“Do you think you might be uncomfortable having a woman as your boss?” she asks.

“No, absolutely not,” he says.

“Because I kind of noticed that you were looking up my skirt.”

Uh-oh. Is Milan’s career at Remington Corp. over before it even started? Not if he can pass the final test, it isn’t. His final test is fucking Amanda.

He can do that!

Amanda is 48. Milan is 26. That’s a 22-year age difference, so Milan is easily young enough to be her son (Amanda is a mom). We asked her if she’s ever had sex with a much-younger man.

“Yes,” she said. “A kid I babysat for grew up and we reconnected when he was 22.”

By the way, about those crotchless panties…they’re Amanda’s choice on the rare occasions when she does wear panties. Easy access, you know.

Amanda was born in North Miami, Florida and now lives in Daytona Beach. We bet the bikers who pass through Daytona every year love her brickhouse body: big tits, big ass, strong thighs, built for sex. She’s only 5’3″ tall with DD-cup tits, so she’s short ‘n’ stacked.

What does she find sexy?

“A hot man with a nice erection,” she said.

Is it really that easy? No wonder Milan got the job.

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