The very exciting life of 68-year-old Layla Rose

The very exciting life of 68-year-old Layla Rose

We’ve had some very interesting women at Let’s face it: any 60PlusMILF who fucks on-camera for all the world to see is interesting. But, as you’re about to find out in this interview, Layla is in a class all of her own.

She’s divorced. She has three children and four grandchildren.

One of those children, her daughter, helped her get ready for this shoot. One of her granddaughters helped her pick out her clothes.

She’s an escort. Her daughter is an escort, too.

She fucks a lot.

“I think I’ve fucked half of San Diego,” this blonde-haired, big-titted fuck doll said.

But she wasn’t always so sexual. In this interview, you’re going to find out what happened, many years ago, when Layla came home and found her husband in bed with the babysitter.

She also tells us about the time she went up in a hot-air balloon with a male friend and another couple and fucked the balloon’s pilot right in front of them.

And the time she got acquainted with a girl in a wheelchair at a swingers club and fucked her with a big, black strap-on.

Intrigued? Thought so. As pre-fuck interviews go, this one’s as good as they get.

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