The whole shaft and nothing but the shaft

The whole shaft and nothing but the shaft

The whole shaft and nothing but the shaft - 40somethingmag

When this scene opens, 47-year-old Victoria Lobov walks into a room wearing a halter top that her huge tits are pouring out of and a tight dress. Man, this sexy wife looks tight and right, and Bambino can’t believe his eyes. Within seconds, he’s got his hands all over her, and then he’s feeding her his cock. In our opinion, Victoria’s on-camera blow job skills get better with each scene. This is her third.

Because he’s a boob man, Bambino fucks Victoria’s tits and cums all over them. Because she’s a lady who loves cock, Victoria doesn’t merely grind her pussy on Bambino’s hard-on when she’s riding him reverse-cowgirl. She bounces up and down so she gets every inch of his dick, from cock-head to just-above-the-balls.

We’re really glad we found her.

40SOMETHING: What made you decide to shoot with us?
VICTORIA: It’s a turn on for my husband and me. I like the idea of men admiring me and getting turned on by seeing me.

40SOMETHING: Would you say you’re a nudist or no?
VICTORIA: Oh, totally. I can’t imagine tanning with a top. You need to find a bikini that fits you and it always pops off. My boobs just fall out of it. It’s just easier to be naked.

40SOMETHING: Do you have any sexual fantasies that you’d like to fulfill?
VICTORIA: Yes. I would love to try a threesome with another large-fake-boobed girl. I also fantasize about soft BDSM with me in charge.

40SOMETHING: Do you masturbate?
VICTORIA: Yes. I love playing with my pierced clit. I pull the piercing and stick a finger in my pussy. Once it’s all wet, I switch to the use of a dildo and go deep in and out until it makes me cum.

40SOMETHING: Very nice! What do you like the most when it comes to sex?
VICTORIA: I love it when my man is forceful but not rough. The highlight is when he shoots his load deep inside me. The feeling of such a forceful ejaculation makes me scream and cum. I’m passive, so I like when a guy takes the lead and makes my head spin.

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