Toy time for Victoria’s sweet ass

Toy time for Victoria’s sweet ass

Toy time for Victoria's sweet ass - 40somethingmag

Victoria Lobov, a 47-year-old wife from Russia who now lives in the United States, is wearing a dress that her big tits are pouring out of. She has luxuriant blond hair that flows over her soft shoulders, and she’s wearing sultry red lipstick.

The camera takes us on a tour of her shapely body. This woman has it all. Face. Tits. Ass. Legs. She’s like a MILF Barbie Doll who’s come to life. No wonder this lady has quickly become so popular with the big-tit crowd at SCORELAND.

Victoria moves her hands over her body, cupping her tits, always maintaining eye contact with you. It’s like she’s your girl, and today, she is.

“Hi, I’m Victoria,” she says. “I wanted to show you my dress. So tight. It hugs my curves so perfectly. I get horny every time I wear it.”

She climbs onto the chair, shows us her ass and spanks it. She does that because this week is all about Victoria’s ass and how it’s going to be fucked on Wednesday (photos) and Thursday (video).

Eventually, Victoria, totally naked, not a stitch of clothing on her, takes out a toy. She rubs her clit, which is pierced, and shoves the toy inside her pussy, quickly working it in and out.

“I wonder if I could put it in my butt,” she says. “Will it work?”

It works fine, and judging by Mrs. Lobov’s moans of pleasure, she really enjoys it.

By the end of this video, Victoria’s asshole is ready for the big event. But are you ready? We don’t blame you if you need time to…ahem…reload.

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