V is for Victoria, A is for anal

V is for Victoria, A is for anal

V is for Victoria, A is for anal - 40somethingmag

When this video opens, 47-year-old wife and all-around hottie Victoria Lobov is lying in bed. She’s wearing a short skirt that shoes off her long legs. Her cleavage is pouring out. And she’s providing us with lovely upskirt views of her panties. She tells us her feelings about adult modeling.

“I just tried it and I enjoyed it so much,” Victoria says. “I’ve been told I look the best when I’m naked.”

That’s for sure, although we have to admit, Victoria looks pretty damn good in clothing, too.

She tells us she’s not shy. We kinda already got that. She takes down her top. Her nipples are rock-hard. Then she stands up to show us her body. She’s very slim and very stacked.

By the time her guy comes in, Mrs. Lobov is totally naked. He sucks on her nipples then eats and fingers her shaved pussy, which is classily pierced. She tit-fucks his cock then sucks his cock and balls. She’s very breathy, very into it, very moany.

And away they go! After getting her pussy fucked in a variety of positions, Victoria is riding Sam’s hard cock reverse-cowgirl when she says, “Do you want to try something different?” So she gets on all fours, spreads her ass and has him slide inside. Victoria hasn’t had a lot of anal sex in her life, so it’s a tight fit. But like a gentleman, Sam takes it slow, and before long, he’s balls-deep in Victoria’s asshole.

Victoria is the dream wife, and this is a dream scene.

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