Victoria Lobov: Prelude to anal

Victoria Lobov: Prelude to anal

Victoria Lobov: Prelude to anal - 40somethingmag

Patience is a virtue with a woman. Take it slow. Treat her right.

What we mean is, you don’t just pop your cock into a woman’s ass and think she’s gonna love you for it. You have to prime her. Make her want it. Give her the chance to relax, because the fact is, a relaxed ass is going to feel really good around your cock.

This week, Victoria Lobov, the 47-year-old Russian wife who wasn’t even planning to suck cock or fuck when she first visited our studio last winter, is going to take a big porn cock up her tight ass, and she’s going to enjoy it. We know that because we’ve seen the photos and the video. Victoria really enjoys herself, as she should.

But there’s a reason she enjoys herself: Her stud took it slow, and we took it slow with her.

So, today, we have solo photos of the sensational, super-busty Mrs. Lobov showing off her hot body and fucking her pussy and tight ass with a toy, and tomorrow, we have video of the scene. This is Victoria’s way of getting ready for the big event, an event she probably never thought would happen when she first came to us.

In fact, she once said to us, “I’m not into anal play or anal sex.” But that changed, which is not unusual. Victoria is in her age of exploration. She’s trying new things and discovering she can enjoy sexual experiences she had never considered before.

Like sucking cock on-camera.

Like fucking on-camera.

And like having anal sex with a porn stud.

Can’t wait to see that, can you? We don’t blame you. But be patient. The buildup will make Victoria’s anal bang even better.

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